What To Wear Hiking In Fall

When it comes to hiking outfits in the Fall, it can be a bit confusing. After hiking for years, I finally have a handle on what to wear hiking in Fall, and it all comes down to one thing… Layering. For someone who grew up in Texas, layering was very difficult for me to grasp in the beginning. But since then, I became a hiking layering expert as an adult, which means you can easily become one as well! It would be best if you had some practice and some guidance. So if you need help with hiking ideas in the Fall, check out all my suggestions below! I even have some cute hiking photo outfits for inspiration 🙂

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What To Wear Hiking In Fall

Fall Hiking Footwear

Wool Socks

If you buy good quality hiking socks, they help prevent blisters. Smartwool is known to be some of the best hiking socks out there. I think I have like 10 pairs of these socks. They are of excellent quality. >>>Check Out My Socks Here

Hiking Boots

Having a good pair of hiking boots is especially important in the fall when there might be ice and snow. Most hiking boots have great traction and protect your toes from rocks. The high ankle support helps people with weak ankles (like me). I usually like to bring some microspikes to pair them with the boots. I talk about the microspikes below. >>>Buy My Fav Hiking Boots Here

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Hiking Shoes

Instead of hiking boots, you can definitely wear hiking shoes. They are lightweight and less expensive. But you won’t have the ankle support like hiking boots. I usually wear hiking shoes on easy hikes. >>>Check Them Out Here

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Lowa Renagade Boots in October

Fall Hiking Base Layers

Hiking Shirt

You don’t need a fancy shirt for hiking. Just make sure it is NOT cotton. Cotton soaks up your sweat, causing hypothermia, which I have seen happen! Make sure you wear a shirt that is breathable and moisture-wicking. A lot of workout shirts will do, but I do like the Patagonia shirt I have linked. >>>Check It Out Here

Base Layers

Merino Wool base layers are a good thing to have on frigid Fall days. I don’t always wear them in the Fall because they can get pretty hot! I usually wear them in the winter or when I am doing a sunset hike at a high altitude. For example, I went to California in the Fall for a whole week and never used them. It was very sunny and warm most of the time. But when I was in Washington doing a sunset hike near Mount Rainier, I wore them. It all depends on the situation. >>>Check Out The Shirts Here >>>Check Out The Pants Here


Leggings are my go-to hiking pants for Fall. I love how comfortable and flexible they feel. The Fjallraven Abisko Trail Tights are some of the most popular leggings for Fall hiking. They are durable and great for any scramble hikes. >>>Check The Out Here

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Hiking clothes fall: Patagonia Capilene Cool Daily Long-Sleeve Shirt

Fall Hiking Mid Layers

Fleece Jacket

A fleece jacket is a perfect item to wear during a Fall hike. It will keep you warm when you are hiking downhill. If it is too cold, I like to wear this underneath my down jacket. The key to hiking in colder weather is to layer! >>>Check Out My Fav Sweater Here

I am digging this new Patagonia Los Gatos sweater! It is so comfy, warm, and plush. I love it! I even wear them at home on cold days. >>>Buy The Cutest Sweater Here

Womens fall outfits: Patagonia Los Gatos 1/4-Zip Jacket – Women’s

Fall Hiking Outer Layers

Rain Jackets

Even if there is a zero percent chance of rain, I always pack my rain jacket. There have been too many times where I have hiked, and the weather has turned for the worst. If you get a light and packable jacket, then it is not a big deal to throw it in your backpack. >>>Check Out This Rain Jacket

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Down Or Synthetic Jacket

If you are hiking up in elevation, there is a strong chance that the viewpoint is a lot colder than the trailhead. It is always smart to bring a down or synthetic jacket just in case. Patagonia has some of the best jackets and sweaters! I love them! >>>Buy This Cute Jacket Here

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Fall Hiking Accessories


I love bringing my beanies with me on my hikes. They keep me nice and warm, they are cute, and they help keep my super unmanageable hair in check. >>>Check Out This Beanie Here


Gloves are something that I always forget to bring for some reason. Not sure why because they pack small, and they really help with keeping warm on trails. My car got stuck in an ice patch on the trailhead in the Fall, and I was so mad at myself for forgetting gloves. I was so miserable. >>>Don’t Be Like Me Bring Gloves


On the very chilly, windy days, it is a great idea to have a buff. They can protect your ears, mouth, and nose. They also make a great mask for these Covid days. >>>Buy One Here


Even if you don’t use them, it is always wise to put microspikes in your backpack in the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons. There might be ice on the trails during this time, and they really help with slippery ice. >>>Check Them Out Here

Day Pack

When I go hiking, I ALWAYS carry a backpack. It has my ten essentials (water, food, extra layers, fire starter, etc.) and trekking poles. Osprey is well known in the hiking industry and has some of the best backpacks in the market. >>>Buy My Awesome Backpack Here

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Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are optional, but they are helpful when there is ice. I also like using them when I am going downhill on a trail. They help a lot with my weak knees and ankles. I especially use them when I am hiking in the dark after sunset. >>>Check These Budget-Friendly Poles Here

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Fall Hiking Outfit For Ladies

What to wear in fall: Patagonia Fleece Sweater
What to wear for fall: Lowa Renegade Boots and Patagonia Jacket
Hiking Outfit Fall: Long Sleeve Sweat-wicking Shirt, Leggings and Lowa Renegades
Fall Hiking Outfits: REI 7/8 Leggings and Patagonia Jacket
Fall Hiking Jacket: Patagonia Nano Puff
Hiking Clothing: Los Gatos Patagonia Sweater, Prana Leggings, Lowa Renegades

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Final Thoughts On What To Wear Hiking In The Fall

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